Jane Falk Associates has been successfully bridging the communication gap between foreign-born domestic and overseas personnel and their American-born colleagues for thirty years.

Our newest offering is Inter-EnglishTM, a proprietary technique for native-born English-speakers that ensures they will be intelligible and respectful to an ESL interlocutor. Truly an idea whose time has come!

Spearheaded by Dr. Jane Falk, a linguist, we offer consulting, training, executive coaching and keynote speaker services. Our uniqueness lies in dispensing with generalities to examine the actual moment-to-moment ways culture shows up in conversation. We do not focus on cultures per se, but on the variations in hidden conversational cues that so often lead to snap judgments, misunderstandings and conflict. With an awareness of these subtleties, clients show better performance in a cross-ethnic context, can forge real relationships, cultivate mutual trust, have fewer complaints, and are uniquely equipped to meet the multi-layered challenges of communicating in the global marketplace.

We also offer training for Israeli-American companies paired by virtue of mergers and acquisitions, subsidiaries, joint ventures and the like, to counter the  resistance and misconceptions that often accompany this combination.

Jane Falk was a pioneer in the field of diversity, having been a consultant in cross-cultural communication issues for 25 years, and counting Bechtel, Bank of America and American President Lines among her clients.

“After 17 years living and working in Asia, my transfer to the US turned out to be a challenging experience, particularly dealing with US culture. Noting that I was struggling, the Vice-Chairman of my company introduced me to Dr. Falk, who became my coach, and later that of several of my people. She taught me the subtleties of American business culture, most importantly leadership style, and the connection between culture and communication – gently guiding me past my barriers to success. The experience was truly transformative. I was able to gain the trust of my peers and subordinates and became a valued, effective, Executive VP. The skills that Jane instilled have allowed me to navigate the multitude of cultures I deal with in my capacity now as Chairman and MD of Mitsui OSK Lines, Asia – the largest Japanese shipping line in terms of tonnage – despite the fact that I am not Japanese!”

Michael Goh, August 15, 2013

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